Saturday, July 9, 2011

Palace Beautiful

Palace Beautiful by Sarah Deford Williams might be my favorite book this year. At first I didn't read very much of this book, but then one night I read 150+ pages and then the next morning I finished it up. It was hard to put down. Sadie and Zuzu are sisters who lived in Texas. Now they have moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. Their mom died and their dad got married again. They like their step mom but are worried that something bad might happen to her like it did to their mom. In their new house they discover a journal hidden in the attic with their next door neighbor girl. Helen was the girl who wrote the journal in 1918. Back then World War I was taking place and so was the influenza epidemic. I wanted to keep reading to see if Helen was going to survive and stayed up way past my bedtime just to read the rest of Palace Beautiful.

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  1. I just happened to come across this blog, and had to say I'm so pleased you enjoyed Palace Beautiful. When I was writing it, I hoped it would be the kind of book to keep people up reading way past their bed time. :)
    Thanks for posting!

    -Sarah DeFord Williams