Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Iowa Childrens Meuseum

Over the winter break my family and I went to the Iowa Children's Museum. The day that we went was New Year's Eve. At noon they were doing a "Noon Year's Eve" balloon drop. Everyone was so excited! After the balloon drop we went to the farm room. We stayed there for awhile. We climbed through tunnels, slid down slides, and drove pretend tractors. There was one tunnel no one was brave enough to explore (including me). Then we went to the Lego room! I was a blast! Jake built superhero forts, while Kate worked on spelling words. Maddie built a castle and I made the Iowa State logo. We also went to the Hospital room, Gravity room, and many more! Well, that was our trip to the Iowa Children's Museum.

Will Third Grade EVER End?

Flora is a new student at Poplar Elementary. She wants to fit in but the girls in her class aren't making it easy. The only person that she knows is Max, and he ended up in a different class. She is also the only member of her freckle club. Flora wonders if she'll ever fit in. Will things change when a movie star moves in across the street? You'll have to find out what happens when you read Will Third Grade EVER End?