Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Challenge For Me

I am signing up to be a part of the Children's Classics Mystery Challenge. My mom is signed up, too. I haven't read any of these mystery books yet, but my goal is to read one Nancy Drew, one Trixie Belden, and one Encyclopedia Brown book during this challenge.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

A few nights ago I finished reading The Report Card by Andrew Clements. In this book Nora gets C's or D's on her report card. At dinner that night Nora is suppose to show her report card to her parents. When her dad finds out she got C's and D's he is not happy. I really liked this book. If you want to find out what hapens read The Report Card.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Books for Me

Here are a few the books we got for Christmas:

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One of my favorite books (and my little sister's) is Topsy-Turvy Bedtime by Joan Levine . Arathusela is a little girl who dosen't like going to bed so one night she puts her parents to bed. After Arathusela gets tired of coloring she asks her parents if she can get in bed with them. And her parents say NO. Arathusela says but i'm the boss tonight . I really like this book and I think you will, too.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I just finished reading The Berenstain Bears Love Their Neighbors by Jan & Mike Berenstain . All of there neighbors are tidy except the Bogg brothers. There is a big town party and on the way there, the Bears' car breaks down. Nobody helps them except the Bogg brothers. It turns out to be even though they aren't tidy, they are nice.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Right now I am reading The Last Holiday Concert by Andrew Clements. Hart is the most populur kid at school . But his sister Sarah is making up stories that she is the one telling him all the stuff which is making him popular. This is what I read last night... He is shooting rubber bands at the music teacher and now he has to stay after school two days. I just started it, and so far I love it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Last night I finished Sassy The Birthday Storm by Sharon M.Draper. In this book Sassy and her family are going to Florida to celebrate Grammy's birthday. But there is a hurricane in the Atlantic heading toward Grammy's town. All of Grammy's neighbors have left the area and the electricity goes out. It's a good thing Sassy still carries her purse with her so she can help solve some problems.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Thanks For nothing! by Peter Maloney & Felicia Zekauskas

It's almost Thanksgiving and Peter doesn't know what he's thankful for. So Peter made a list. Almost everyday he added something. Finally it was Thanksgiving Day and Peter brought his list to school. When it was his turn to say what he was thankful for his list was gone! If you are interested in this book check it out for yourself. :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Favorite Christmas books

I really want to know what your favorite Christmas book is. To tell me just post a comment. My favorite Christmas book is The Puppy Who Wanted A Boy. In this story, a puppy named Petey wants a boy for Christmas more than anything. Petey asks almost every dog or puppy in the neighborhood if they want to give away their boy. Petey is cold and hungry but finds a home when he walks by a sign that reads Home for Boys. To find out what happens at the shelter read it for yourself. :)


We have been reading the Shiloh books by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor at bedtime.
2 things I like:
1. Shiloh
2. Marty
2 Things I Don't Like:
1. Judd Travers
2 . Leaving Shiloh home alone

We are on the 3rd book Saving Shiloh
Here's the list of books in order:
1. Shiloh
2. Shiloh Season
3. Saving Shiloh

The Worrywarts by Pamela Duncan Edwards

One Wednesday, Wombat wanted to go for a walk. She asked her friends what they thought, and they said it was a great idea. They started packing their bags when Wombat piped up, "What if... some wasps catch us?". Weasel gave some suggestions. Then, Weasel and Woodchuck started worrying. If you want to find out how the walk turns out, check out The Worrywarts from your public library or buy it for yourself. Merry Christmas! :)

I just finshed The Deadly Dungeon by Ron Roy yesterday [an A to Z mystery]. In this book Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose are going to Wallis Wallace's castle. Wallis says there's a ghost of Emory Scott in the castle. There also is a cave that turns into a dungeon and in the dungeon are parrots . If you went to figure out what happens read The Deadly Dungeon.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Grumpy Grandpa by Heather Henson

In this book, there is a boy who has a grumpy grandpa. And this Grandpa isn't just grumpy sometimes, he's grumpy all the time. And everyday after his nap Grandpa disappears. No one lives by Grandpa except Aunt Ellie and Uncle Wilbur. One day after Grandpa's nap he takes the boy with him! If you want to find out where they go check it out from your public library. Merry Christmas! :)

The Snow Globe Family

The Snow Globe Family by Jane O'Connor is one of my favorite Christmas books. On the mantle in the big house there was a snow globe. In the snow globe lived a snow globe family. The snow globe family wished that that someone would shake up the family and make a blizzard. The only person to notice them anymore is the baby that lives with the big family in the house. To find out if the snow globe family gets their wish, read this book.

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

Today we have a guest blogger, Jacob, who is 3 1/2 so I am typing for him. Jake likes Sam I Am. Jake said, "I would eat with a fox but not green eggs and ham, because they are yucky." In this book, Sam is always making people try green eggs and ham. This book is one of Jake's favorites and I think you would like it too. :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Spot the Plot

Spot the Plot is rhyming picture book of riddles. For example one riddle is about the Wizard of Oz.

"The sky shook,

the wind tossed

me in the air.

Toto-ly lost..."

Would you be able to guess what story this rhyme is about?

Angelina Ballerina by Katharine Holabird

Angelina danced all the time. She danced in her dreams, in her mother's gowns, and over daisies. She danced so much she for got about her chores. Angelina's parents had had enough of her dancing. So the next morning, there was a present on the table that read: TO: ANGELINA If you want to find what was inside that present, check it out from your public library! Merry Christmas!

Froggy's First Kiss

In this book, Froggy is in love with Frogilina. Every time Frogilina smiles at Froggy he has a baffling feeling. Everyday, Frogilina gives Froggy her dessert from lunch. Then it was Valentine's Day and Froggy's class made valentines. That day at lunch, Frogilina gave Froggy a KISS! So he gave his mom the valentine instead.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

In this funny book, Greg Heffley is always getting himself into big messes. For example, Greg listened to his brother Rodrick's CD at midnight. He forgot to plug in the headphones, so it came out the speakers and woke everyone up.
Then, there was the time when Greg and his best friend, Rowley, decided to trick-or-treat until midnight. A bunch of teenagers sprayed them with a fire extinguisher.
If you want find out more funny tales about Greg Heffley, you should check out Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Jeff has other Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, too. The next one in the series is Rodrick Rules. I can't wait to read it!

Kidnapped at the Capital

I just finished Kidnapped at the Capital [by Ron Roy]. KC and KC's Mom,and Marshall get to meet President Thornton. When they meet President Thornton KC's Mom gives KC five dollars for her and Marshall to get ice cream. When they get back from getting ice cream KC's Mom and President Thornton are gone. KC and Marshall go back to KC's apartment to see if her mom will call. In less than five minutes, the President calls - he wasn't kidnapped, but KC's mom was, along with one other person. Read the rest to find out how the mystery is solved.
By the way, Ron Roy writes the Capital mystery series and the A to Z mystery series.

snow day #2 2009

I just got home from the library.

The Bald Bandit

I just finished The Bald Bandit by Ron Roy (an A to Z Mystery). In this book, Detective Reddy knocked on the door of Dink's house. He wanted to know if Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose knew anyone who videotaped the robbery of the bank. Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose searched all Halloween night but they had no luck. The next day when Dink went to Howard's barbershop, Howard told him that the boy who caught the robber on tape was noticed by the robber and ran to the barbershop to have Howard cut all of his hair off. If you want to find out how the story ends, read The Bald Bandit.

Snow day #2 2009

This year our family is opening a Christmas present with a book inside every night. My brother Jake goes nuts when it is his turn to open one. This Christmas my brother and sisters are asking for a lot of stuff. My brother also is going nuts over toy catalogs. We have a huge Christmas list this year. We hope Santa brings us every thing we want. Merry Christmas!

Snow Day #2

Today is our second day of having no school. Later, if the roads aren't as icy, Emileah are meeting at the library to work on our blog.

Yesterday I started reading Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sacchar. I read one to my dad. They are kind of funny.