Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Babysitters Club

I'm still reading the BabySitters Club series by Ann M. Martin. Right now I'm in the middle of number #19. I've been going really fast on these books- the other night I almost read a whole book before bed. Next I'm going to read the first Super Special: Baby-Sitters on Board! My favorite book 7-19 was Stacy's Mistake. This book was really funny at the beginning. Stacy invites The Baby-Sitters Club to New York City to vist but not everyone likes the city. Dawn doesn't like hardly anything about the NYC, and Mary Anne's like a walking guide book because she's so excited. Kristy can't keep her mouth shut and Claudia is jealous of Stacy's friends. I also really liked Jessi's Secret Language where Jessi babysits for a deaf boy and his sister and learns sign language. There's a good suprise in this book, too. My goal by the end of the summer is to read 40 books. I have 30 books so far and still have a good amount of time left.

This post is being posted several weeks after Emileah wrote it because her editor/mother never got around to pre-reading this post. Oops!

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