Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tillie Lays an Egg - My Book of the Week

Today I am starting a new thing - a book of the week. This week is the book Tillie Lays An Egg by Terry Golson. In this book there are 7 chickens and there are 3 chicken coops so the chickens take turns laying eggs. Tillie never lays eggs in the coop, instead wandering around the farm and the house. Each day Tillie finds an unusual place to lay her egg. I really like this book because I like to see all the places Tillie goes and I love the photographs.


  1. Thank you for giving a shout out to my book! I had a lot of fun creating it and it makes me happy that you are having fun reading it. Did you know that you can see my chickens on my webcam at Best- Terry

  2. I can't believe you've had TWO authors comment on your blog, Emileah! That is so cool! :)