Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Encyclopedia Brown - Childrens Classic Mystery Challenge

On Saturday I finished reading Encyclopedia Brown Super Sleuth by Donald J. Sobol. Here are my favorite chapters: 1.The Case of the Headless Ghost There is a bully that lives in Encyclopedia's town named Bugs. Bugs is tricking all the kids that there is a headless ghost. Bugs is making kids pay a 10 cents to look in the window to see the ghost or pay 25 cents to go in and talk to the ghost.

2. The Case of the Disappearring Hundreds Encyclopedia and his helper Sally are spendingthe afternoon with Mr. O' Hara whoowns a drugstore. Earlier that morning Mr. O' Hara got 3 100 dollar bills from the bank. Somebody that works at the drugstore stole the money. Mr. O'Hara already asked them if they stole the money and all of them said no. Here are the other chapters in this book:

The Case of the Hollow Tree, The Case of the Stolen Moonstone, The Case of the Patriotic Volunteer, The Case of the Stolen Watch, The Case of the Gym Bag, The Case of the Supercomputer Brain, The Case of the Giggling Goldilocks, And The Case of Shoeless Sam. I liked this book because I liked to try to solve the case by myself. I figured out 3 of the chapters by myself. If you like to solve mysteries read Encyclopedia Brown Super Sleuth.

This is also a book I read for the Childrens Classic Mystery Challenge.


  1. I'm glad you read EB and joined in with the challenge! Thanks for sharing more about the books and the specific mysteries he had to solve in these cases.

    Hope you had fun!

  2. This series sounds wonderful and just what my two boys will love! Thanks for the heads up. Happy Reading!


  3. Wow haven't heard about these books since my kids were small (too long to remember). Glad you enjoyed them.