Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kidnapped at the Capital

I just finished Kidnapped at the Capital [by Ron Roy]. KC and KC's Mom,and Marshall get to meet President Thornton. When they meet President Thornton KC's Mom gives KC five dollars for her and Marshall to get ice cream. When they get back from getting ice cream KC's Mom and President Thornton are gone. KC and Marshall go back to KC's apartment to see if her mom will call. In less than five minutes, the President calls - he wasn't kidnapped, but KC's mom was, along with one other person. Read the rest to find out how the mystery is solved.
By the way, Ron Roy writes the Capital mystery series and the A to Z mystery series.


  1. I liked what you wrote about this book. I am really interested to hear how it ends. Emily had a fun time with you today. Have a great day at school tomorrow. Friday came fast!! :)

  2. Can you believe I had no idea Ron Roy had written this series? I have been reading many of the A to Z Mysteries to my class this year and they love them! I am going to have to check the Capital Mysteries series out! Thanks for sharing!